Bottle Warmer, Fast Baby Bottle Warmer for Breastmilk and Formula

Bottle Warmer, Fast Baby Bottle Warmer for Breastmilk and Formula

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Fast warming breastmilk and formula from cold to a comfortable body temperature in just 2.5-7 minutes, quickly calm hungry baby and put smile on baby's face again! Combined with timer, temperature setting, memory function, and auto-shut off to make feeding easier. It is a lifesaver for mom, and a great choice as the baby shower gift!

Customer Reviews

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Tyler Charlotte Nixon
Could be used to warm milk or other food

Could be used to warm milk or other food. I tried immediately when it arrived. Really faster to warm the water and more convenient. Sometimes it just becomes too hot. Maybe I am still not very familiar with temperature control methods.

Owen Nahum Kathleen
Some parts look nice not used them yet

Seem to have good quality. Since I have not used them yet I am not so sure of the actual effect. The introduced functions seem to be very practical. Hope it is durable and would work well. Be able to accompany me through this special period.

Tab Gresham Quiller
The structure is not so good

The quality is certainly fine while the structure is not so good. My bottle looks too big and cannot fit in two bottles. But too empty when I put one bottle. Should be designed to have more space for big size bottle. Otherwise the bottle will be too big to be used at all.

Colby Graham Betsy
Bought used to warm milk for my kids

Bought used to warm milk for my kids. It can also be used to warm complementary foods for baby. Quite practical and convenient to use. The other auxiliary function has not been used now. The basic functionality is useful enough for me.

Maxwell Baker Harrod
Took a long time to choose

Just received. Have not used it yet. It took a long time to choose. The function is still very complete. The operation is also relatively simple. Great for me and my parents. My parents said that having this breast warmer is really much more convenient.