Pet Products Rabbit Hutch

Pet Products Rabbit Hutch

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  • 【Rugged & Enduring Build】Large Rabbit Hutch crafted from sturdy solid fir wood with UV-proof panels and a waterproof asphalt roof, ensuring a robust, long-lasting shelter for your rabbits or guinea pigs and various small pets.

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Leif Katharine
Rabbit cages are all very similar in design

I saw a lot of rabbit cages. They are all very similar in design. The most common is the two layer design. Use a ladder to connect. What I am quite satisfied with about this rabbit cage is the overall height design. This way people and animals do not have to squat down when interacting. Less likely to tire. You can better observe small animals from all angles.

Nathan Lizzie
Gray with white looks brighter than pure gray

The rabbit cage I used before was an older model. It is very difficult to move every time. Especially when cleaning regularly. This rabbit cage is much more convenient. With wheels you can push it anywhere you want. The color is still regular gray. It does not quite match my other furniture though. But it is also pretty good looking. Gray with white looks a little brighter than pure gray. It will not look dirty.

David Peggy
cage needs to be placed in a quiet place

The healthy growth of rabbits still has certain requirements for the environment. The cage needs to be placed in a relatively quiet place that is warm in winter and cool in summer. Keeping them outdoors may make rabbits susceptible to illness. In addition any place that is too bright or too dark is not suitable. Choose a place where the light will not shine directly and where there is a normal distinction between day and night.

Ethel Christie
Ensuring the strength and durability

This rabbit hutch is without hesitation perfect. Well packaged. No flaws. No scratches. No odor. Used fine pine wood. While ensuring the strength and durability of the rabbit cage. It will not make the entire cage too heavy to move. Of course casters are also helpful in this regard. I am starting to think about whether my rabbit needs a companion.

Beatrice Service
A qualified rabbit hutch should have

A qualified rabbit hutch should have all the essentials. This rabbit cage can satisfy all needs. Compared to traditional fragile fir. This one is made from sturdier pine wood. Make the rabbit hutch more durable. Installation is also very convenient. It can be completed by joining several panels together. The roller skates at the bottom are also very practical. Very easy to move.