Toy Storage Organizer with Shelf 03

Toy Storage Organizer with Shelf 03

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AMPLE STORAGE: 3 in 1 storage space (bookshelves, toy bins and cupboard) is designed for all the needs of your kids

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That means its unlikely to be a fam

That means its unlikely to be a family heirloom, but it should survive a few temper tantrums. Overall, its an attractive solution for keeping books and toys in place, at least for a while. This litter box is both beautiful and functional and should fit perfectly in the corner of the room without becoming an eyesore. If you set appropriate expectations regarding the types of materials used to assemble and construct the item, you should find multiple usage boxes.

This is actually a good height for

This is actually a good height for my 6 year olds room because she can move the litter box to the top herself. The backing is a bit flimsy and essentially like cardboardI think theres a technical term for it, but Im not sure what it is. I didnt expect the backing to withstand a lifetime of toys being tossed in the bottom bin. Overall we are happy with this and since we live in a smaller Cape Cod style house this would be perfect for the upstairs bedroom with the sloped ceiling.

The holes they predrilled are sligh

The holes they predrilled are slightly too big for the support screws. Im a little concerned that they wont hold up well over time and the kids will throw their stuff in the trash. I would have liked to see at least a sturdier backboard for the lower bin. 2. The inside of the top shelf is pinned in place and should use lock nut bolts just like the outside.

Each piece has full edges and the s

Each piece has full edges and the shelves only fit together one way most of the time so its super easy to assemble, all the holes are predrilled and the cam locks even have nuts set on the board, so they lock in nicely and smoothly this impressed me even more as I looked forward to fishing the wooden dowels out of the bag and coming back with the metal dowels to put the dividers in I shed Tears of gratitude, something I wouldnt have experienced No need to worry about breaking pins when aligning holes. It takes me maybe 10 minutes to assemble the shelf myself, super sturdy construction and simplified assembly parts. If my electric screwdriver had an Allen wrench head, it would be professional grade. The stand is sturdy and nice, and my daughter is delighted. The cube has not been tested for suitability in small rooms.

My kids love to move furniture no m

My kids love to move furniture no matter how many times mom and dad say no, but they just cant move it The included drawer is a little flimsy, but thats as expected since its cardboard and fabric. Assembly was easy, although I had a hard time figuring out the supports, but we made do. It keeps all their toys etc which definitely helps them be more motivated to help me pick up their toys