TELMU Microscopes for Students Adults, 40X-1000X Compound Monocular Microscope

TELMU Microscopes for Students Adults, 40X-1000X Compound Monocular Microscope

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¡¾ Dual Illumination System¡¿The microscope for adults features built-in dual LED illumination. The bottom lighting is for the thin and/or transparent specimens. The opaque or solid subjects that cannot be viewed by transmitted light can be studied by top lighting.(LED light source is powered by 3 1.5v AA batteries, excluding batteries).

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There is a small dimmer wheel for the l

There is a small dimmer wheel for the light on the right side of the base. The included small Allen wrench is used to unscrew the battery compartment cover. Its not a labquality product, but you still get your moneys worth, making it a very good first student microscope. The first one I owned as a child was an all metal Sears student model made in the USA which had slightly better quality workmanship but not as much magnification as this one. There is always a tradeoff in the lower ranges. I like the option of being able to use the battery, although it comes with an AC adapter. Batteries do also make it easier to carry on field or camping trips. Use Smile when placing your order so you can donate a small amount to your favorite charity too. And smile

Basically works around 5 to 10 X With a

Basically works around 5 to 10 X. With a high enough resolution and a big display, you can have a more powerful and fun device. I cant say for sure, but I think the eyepiece probably does a better job than the objective. So leaving the eyepiece out may not be able to get the most out of these machines.

As you level up it gets so hard to use

As you level up it gets so hard to use that anything over 600 X is simply unusable. The image circle is too small, the stabilization is so poor, and the image is so dark that you cant see anything at all. I must add that Im older, and at that magnification, artifacts from my own eye also affect the image, because when you look through a magnifying glass, you can see whats going on inside the eye fluid. equipment.

The light is bright enough for most situ

The light is bright enough for most situations, but if your is not translucent, you may have some problems seeing details. My kids absolutely love microscopes and run around the house looking for things to try. The kids managed to drop a glass and I stepped on it. It shattered, but not like I thought glass would shatter. The microscope itself is well assemb and not flimsy at all. It has a little weight to keep it stable, and the little rubber feet also help it keep it from slipping. Overall, no real complaints. The kids loved it and hope it sparks some curiosity.

To be honest for this I am still very

To be honest, for this, I am still very satisfied with this purchase. I wish the were a bit brighter, but for most purposes it works just fine. The scope is solid and feels like it will last a long time. I also wish it had a better storage sleeve for extra eyepieces. It would be nice if the microscope had a place to store extra eyepieces, or came with a storage case, but Ill make do with it. Overall, it should be great for showing my youngest daughter the fun and amazing world of microscopic observation.